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Asia servers are back online

By AI - 25/03/2017

The Asia server machine previously suffered a RAM issue that corrupted the disk's file system.

But we have since successfully reinstalled the game servers in time for the weekend!

Thanks for your patience, and have fun.

How difficult is this soldier or demoman map?

By AI - 24/03/2017

For players:

We have added a map info plugin to our servers that shows the class and difficulty tiers of the current map, or any other map you may want to look up:

To look up information for a particular map use either:

/mapinfo <map name> /mi <map name>

Partial map names are acceptable and you will be shown all results, for example /mi beef would list both jump_beef and jump_beefmas.

We hope you all find this useful!

For server admins:

This plugin is publicly available for everyone, visit the jump.tf forums[jump.tf] for more information.

Asia servers outage

By AI - 20/03/2017

We have lost contact with both the Singapore game servers and their FastDL web server.

It is not yet known what has caused this, but we have notified the host and will post an update when the issue has been resolved.

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