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Voicecomm: CELT audio codec enabled on servers

By AI - 23/11/2016

We have enabled on our servers the beta CELT audio codec described in the update notes:
> http://www.teamfortress.com/post.php?id=25766

This is the high quality codec used in CS:GO, and should enable a much better sound quality when using voice chat to communicate with teachers, staff, and your peers.

Changes to the Administration

By AI - 20/11/2016

Well known to many, Andemand has been our community manager and co-owner for the past year now and, together with AI, has helped to remold the staff, bring JA through tough times, pioneer the new map, provide new features for the community, and resolve its disputes. On top of that, he has been a great guy overall and always fun to be around. He was originally a teacher before being promoted to mod and then to admin, and as such, we are all extremely grateful for his various contributions not only to the community at large but also to each and every staff member. Thank you Andemand!

Nevertheless, Ande has recently made the tough decision to step down from his role as admin due to commitments in real life eating up his time, and forcing him to spend less and less time furthering JA's development. We respect Ande's decision to resign and have been working to make his retirement as seamless as possible.

In light of the increasing workload of the community manager role across our servers in so many regions in the world, we have opted to promote two operatives to take up this administrative position:

All future inquiries should be directed to the region-specific admin so that it can be handled in a timely fashion.

Although we are sad to see Andemand go, we are excited for all the future accomplishments we will bring to Jump Acadmey community. Stay tuned, as big changes are coming soon!

Thanks for reading and see you around,
- Jump Academy Staff

Fixed: Soda Popper hype meter

By AI - 18/11/2016

The scout's Soda Popper hype meter has been tweaked to enable full hype permanently. This should allow players to use all five mid-air jumps anytime as needed for scout jumping.

Have fun.

Sysadmins: Need this patch for your jump server? You can grab it here[forums.alliedmods.net].

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