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Server issues.

By Andemand ♥ - 16/05/2016

Hello All.

Servers were just restarted because of a plugin that needed to be reloaded. Sorry for any inconvenience. Everything should be back to normal now.

Jump Academy 30k Members!

By Andemand ♥ - 10/05/2016

We know this announcement is a bit overdue, and we're sorry about that, but it's because we've been working on new features and events for you!

First and foremost, we are ecstatic to announce that Mo is joining us back as Head Teacher (HT) for the EU region. He will be working alongside Unu Novus Deus who will focus on demoman teachers, with Mo specializing in soldier teachers. Welcome back Mo, we missed you! <3

The road for Jump Academy (JA) has been long and winding, with a great many bumps, but we've always persevered through. One of these bumps was getting three new rotation servers that will be home to nothing but harder maps, for those of you looking to push your skills to the limit.
We're launching 2 servers in the US and 1 in the EU. The servers will run both soldier and demoman maps. The soldier maps will be tiers 4-6, and the demoman maps will be tiers 3-6.

Server NameIP AddressSponsor Partner
jumpacademy.tf | Adv. Soldier + Demoman Maps | EU
jumpacademy.tf | Adv. Soldier + Demoman Maps | US East
jumpacademy.tf | Adv. Soldier + Demoman Maps | US West

As you may have seen here, we completely revamped the forums, adding new sub forums. This is done primarily to give more posting freedom to you guys, as well as to reduce clutter, repetition, and confusion. The transition from the old to the new won't be over for at least another couple of weeks, but once it's done, it will definitely have been worth the wait.

Now we're getting to the fun part: we're working hard on a new summer event. We can't release many details right now, but the event will take course over the span of a month, be very fun, and possibly competitive.
Want to get sneak-peaks on the event and many other otherwise-confidential topics? Donate and gain access to the JA Slack[slack.com] group, where we discuss everything before it ever makes a public appearance!

To allow players to practice market gardening against (relatively) good foes even when nobody else is in the arena, we have introduced two MGABots, one on each team. These bots can be killed just as a player would, and are always roaming around the Market Garden Arena (MGA). They're programmed to airshot the player with great accuracy, making it harder for you to land hits on them. However, their mobility is very poor, encouraging you to air strafe well to one-shot them with the market gardener.

Last, but certainly not least, everyone here at JA wants to thank you for joining our group, spending time on our servers, and being the amazing jumpers and community that you all are! Speaking on behalf of all JA staff, we're absolutely delighted to have you as denizens of our servers and to be host to your rocket jumping endeavours.

Without you there wouldn't be a Jump Academy. Thank you.

Come hang out on Discord!

By cing | jumpacademy.tf - 17/04/2016

Come chat and talk with us on our new Discord server by following this link: https://discord.me/jumpacademy

Listen to music, chill, rate your waifus, talk about vidya games!

If you don't have discord already installed, the link will take care of everything for you.

Let us know any thoughts or suggestions!

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