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EU server upgrade completed

By AI - 09/07/2016

The hardware upgrade has been completed.

You may now resume your regularly scheduled jumping.

EU servers shutdown for upgrade (again)

By AI - 09/07/2016

The EU servers will be shut down briefly early this morning for a hardware upgrade.

We do not expect this to take long and will inform you when it is complete in about 15-30 minutes.

Restoring the old rocket and sticky jumpers

By AI - 08/07/2016

In response to Valve's horrendous taste in changing our beloved rocket and sticky jumper models and sound effects to something akin to plungers, Christoffer and AI have opted to create this custom pack you can install to restore them back to how they were prior to the TF2 War update.

You can grab the full package here:

Unzip the files into your custom folder (such as /tf/custom/custom), relaunch Team Fortress 2, and you are good to go.

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