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[Resolved] FastDL and API service interruptions

By AI - 26/05/2017

Our web host appears to be experiencing a load issue with the machine that is causing our main web server to time out requests to it. We have sent a support ticket and they are investigating.

This currently affects the following services we provide:
- Community FastDL
- Map info and JumpBot API's
- Player saves on our game servers
- Soundcloud radio

Like listening to the radio?

By AI - 23/05/2017

In addition to jukebox, we have added Hive365 radio and a Soundcloud music player to the servers for your listening pleasure.

Use !radio or !sc <song name> to tune in and !radio again or !scstop to switch off.


Singapore servers are back online

By AI - 21/05/2017

A network misconfiguration took down our Singapore servers this morning, but this has now been promptly resolved.

Thanks for your patience.

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