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[Resolved] Servers not fully working after Jungle update

By AI - 20/10/2017

Some things are broken following the Jungle update and we are looking into them.

Hang on everyone!

EU servers are back online

By AI - 16/10/2017

We have confirmed the EU servers to be operational again with the virtual machine specs upgraded with more CPU cores and RAM. Hopefully this reduces the jitters during peak hours!

The recent changes to the database configurations have also been rolled out to the EU game servers now. This should finally fix the join lag.

Thanks for your patience!

Join our EU staff lounge server during the server outage

By AI - 16/10/2017

Did you know we have servers for staff to hang out and relax while off duty? You can join our EU one for soldier rotation maps in the meantime while we wait for our main servers to return!

Server Name
IP Address
jumpacademy.tf | Staff Lounge | EU

For more staff lounge servers, see our server list[jumpacademy.tf].

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